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RECIPE - How to Elevate Your Financier Recipe to the Next Level

Pistachio financier with apricot and White chocolate
Pistachio financier with apricot and Valrhona Opalys whipped ganache

It's the simple pleasures that provide most satisfaction.

As much as I can appreciate the hard work and skill that goes into a beautiful entremet (layered cake), on most days, I'll prefer the simple treats done well over complex desserts. A pistachio financier is one of my favourite desserts, so we have elevated it by including an apricot bake-stable fruit insert perfumed with vanilla, and a whipped ganache on top using Valrhona's white chocolate "Opalys," which is arguably the best white chocolate in the game with reduced sugar and increased milk powder, which gives it a well-balanced milky aroma that's not too sweet.

This dessert could be used as an afternoon tea option in a hotel, or just to impress your guests over a cup of coffee.

We hope you will enjoy this recipe, please tag us on social media @odaiosfoods if you attempt this recipe and want to share the results.

Pistachio Financier Base

Ground pistachios 100g

Cake flour 100g

Norohy vanilla paste 2g

Salt 2g

Sugar 250g

Sosa baking powder 5g

Butter 150g

Egg whites 250g


·        Mix the ground pistachios, flour, vanilla, salt, sugar and baking powder together in a bowl.

·        Carefully heat the butter to 130°C until golden brown.

·        Place the egg whites in a food processor and slowly add the dry ingredients while mixing at medium speed, finish by adding the browned butter slowly.

·        Rest in the fridge for 24 hours.

·        Bake in the desired mould at 180°C for 12 minutes.


Bakestable Apricot Gel

Sosa gellan gum 3g

Sugar 50g

Adamance apricot purée 200g

Water 50g

Honey 40g Norohy vanilla paste 3g


·        Mix the gellan gum with the sugar.

·        Heat the purée with the water, honey and vanilla to 40°C.

·        Add the gellan gum and sugar and bring to a boil.

·        Immediately pour into a frame, lined with baking parchment or silpat.

·        Cut in the desired size and place into the centre of the financier before baking.

Opalys Whipped Ganache


Whole milk 540g

Potato starch 16g

Glucose DE60 50g


Base 500g

Gelatine powder 220 bloom 6g

Water for gelatine 30g

Valrhona Opalys 250g

Pistachio praline 224g

Cocoa butter 72g


·     Mix a small part of the milk with the potato starch, set aside.

·     Heat the rest of the milk with the glucose to 85°C.

·     Add a part of the the hot milk to the potato starch mix and mix well.

·     Combine the 2 milk mixtures together again in a pot and bring to a boil.

·     Add in the bloomed gelatine.

·     Cool down to 70°C and scale the required amount of milk base.

·     Slowly emulsify with the Opalys chocolate and praline paste.

·     Add the cold cream and emulsify again.

·     Leave in the fridge at 4°C for at least 12 hours.

·     Whip to desired consistency.

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